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Ultra Race - BOSO Cialthon (Boso Online SOcial Marathon)


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Following the regrettable cancellation of the marathons due to the global impact of COVID-19, many virtual marathons have been created all over the world. The International Cialthon Association has a long history of hosting virtual marathons, as Glocal Cialthon, to encourage people to run and connect runners around the world since 2012.

This year we will have a more challenging Glocal Cialthon of 890km in 89 days. Participants from all over the world will virtually compete, run with and take photos of beautiful sceneries and attractive people of your neighborhood/hometown.

BOSO Cialthon, Ultra Boso Online SOcial Marathon, will take place over 89 days, from 1st July to 27th September, 2020. Please be aware of social distancing and respect the current COVID-19 restrictions/regulations of your country and run within its constraints.

89 percent of the profits from this event will be donated to the typhoon recovery of Boso Area through the local NGO Kyonan Fukko Acceleration.

Period: 1 July - 27 September 2020(89days)

Location: Wherever in this world.

Distance: 890km/89km. There is no mandatory distance to run per day. The winners will be the one who covers the whole distance (890km) with a cheerful mind and takes the most impressive photos of the earth.
The 89-kilometer course is suitable for beginners and those who want to start running.

Route: Just run your favourite route. Take a detour if you find something interesting.

Categories: Individual or Team of 8-9 members.
Charity runners are also welcome. No T-shirt and no award, but please enjoy posting photos and and keep going by running/walking or even cycling and so on.

Age: The participants must be between 18 and 89 years old to apply.

Results submission: Screenshot your running apps by month (July/August/September) to show the total distance and send to the International Cialthon Association. You can use any apps to record your activity. Make sure the month and distance are clearly visible in the screenshots. Email address will be delivered to participants at a later date.

Photos submission: Upload photos taken by you on the facebook event page.
The photo must be an original creation - no copyrighted images may be used. The participants must certify and warrant that the submitted photos do not violate the rights of a third party or any copyright. By submitting photos to the International Cialthon Association, participants agree to grant the association free of charge the right to use the photos in any printed and electronic media.
The association may ask the participants to send higher resolution photos to print and display photos in Kyonan AIR-port

Entry fee: JPY5000 - individual / JPY38900 - team / JPY890 - charity / Free of Charge - cheerer

To register, visit Peatix site for BOSO Cialthon. Registration package for individuals and teams includes common BIB number, certificate of completion, original finisher T-shirt. These will be shipped to you after the race. Charity package includes common BIB number only, and charity runners are not eligible for the awards, though uploading photos is encouraged.

Rules for Teams: One team consists of 8-9 members. All members of the team can run simultaneously or in different days up to their schedule. The one who does the registration for the team category will be a leader of the team. The team leaders will be responsible for sending each members’ data and each member can upload photos one by one of the facebook event pages. If the distance run by all team members exceeds 890km, the team will complete the race.

Awards: We will give you four awards for the photos and two awards for the fastest runner.

[Photography Awards]
For Individuals
  • Food photography Award
  • Scenery photography Award
  • Smile photography Award
For Teams
  • Costume Award
Please send photos of delicious foods, beautiful sceneries, and smiling people, of whom you met while running. And try running with national/traditional costumes with your team members. Selected photos will be displayed in Kyonan AIR-port, coworking and artist in residence in Kyonan-machi, Boso peninsula, and featured on the website along with the names of the photographers.The following supplemental prizes will be awarded to the photographers of the number one photo in each award:
For individual Award, the winners will be eligible to stay at Kyonan AIR-port for two weeks for free. For team Award, all the members of the winner team will be entitled to stay at Kyonan AIR-port for three days for free (applicable to all members). Prizes are nominal and cannot be transferred to others.

[Running Awards]
  • 1st Male
  • 1st Female
Of the 890km finishers, the fastest male and female participants are entitled to stay at Kyonan AIR-port for two weeks for free. Prizes are nominal and cannot be transferred to others.

Opening and Closing date of Entries: Entries open on 21 June 2020 and close 9 August 2020. Race starts on 1 July.

International Cialthon Association
Kyonan AIR-port
PAXi inc.

What is BOSO and Boso?
BOSO stands for Boso Online SOcial marathon. Boso is the name of the peninsula that encompasses the entirety of Chiba Prefecture on Honshu, the largest main island of Japan. Southern part of Boso was significantly damaged by the two typhoons in 2019. 89% of the profit will be donated to the volunteer activities of the affected area through the local NGO Kyonan Fukko Acceleration.

Why does this event end on 27th September?
September 27th is World Tourism Day. COVID-19 has been preventing most people from traveling. For the period of 89 days of BOSO Cialthon, by sharing the photos of familiar foods, landscapes and people while running, we will feel like we are travelling the world. And also, it is the wedding anniversary of the organizer of this event.

What is Cialthon?
Cialthon stands for Social Marathon. It is a new type of marathon which puts more value on the social connections and communication among participants and local people. Memories are more important than time results. By sharing experiences gained during this event with the other participants, we tend to increase the joy of running even more.

What is Kyonan AIR-port
Kyonan AIR-port is a coworking and artist-in-residence complex located in the town of Kyonan, Boso Peninsula.



房総&暴走シャルソン(Ultra Boso Online SOcial Marathon)は、2020年7月1日から9月27日までの89日間で開催されます。ソーシャルディスタンスを意識し、現在のCOVID-19の制限/規制を尊重し、それぞれの地域の制約の中で楽しく走ってください。


期間: 2020年7月1日~9月27日(89日間)

場所: 世界中どこでも

距離: 890kmまたは89km。1日あたりの何キロ走るかに決まりはありません。全行程(890km)を元気に走り、この地球上で最も印象的な写真を撮った方が優勝です。男女別1位の方々も副賞とともに称えます。

ルート: 好きなルートを走るだけ。面白いものを見つけたら寄り道をしましょう。

カテゴリー: 個人でも8~9名のチームでもOK。

年齢: 18歳以上89歳以下の方が応募できます。

記録の提出: ランニングアプリを月別(7月・8月・9月)にスクリーンショットして総距離がわかるようにして、ご当地シャルソン協会にメールにて送信してください。活動記録はどのアプリを使っても構いません。スクリーンショットで月と距離がはっきりとわかるようにしてください。 送信先のメールアドレスは後日、参加者にお知らせします。

写真の投稿: 自分で撮影した写真をfacebookイベントページにアップロードしてください。

参加費:個人5000円/チーム38900円/チャリティー890円/応援 無料

登録はPeatixのサイトでBOSO Cialthonをご覧ください。個人・チーム共通の登録パッケージには、共通BIB番号、完走証明書、オリジナル完走Tシャツが含まれています。これらはレース終了後に発送されます。チャリティパッケージには共通BIB番号のみが含まれており、チャリティランナーは表彰対象外となりますが、写真のアップロードを推奨します。

チームについて: チームは8~9名で構成され、全員が同時に走ることも、別の日に走ることも可能です。チームカテゴリーの登録を行う者がチームリーダーとなります。チームリーダーは各メンバーのデータを送信し、合計の距離を正確に報告してください。写真の投稿は、facebookのイベントページに各メンバーが一人ずつ行うことができます。チーム全員の走行距離が890kmを超えた場合に「完走」となります。

表彰: 写真賞は4点、最速ランナー賞は2点を差し上げます。
  • 料理写真大賞
  • 風景写真大賞
  • スマイル写真大賞
  • 衣装賞

  • 男性1位
  • 女性1位

エントリーの受付開始日と締切日: エントリー受付開始は2020年6月21日、締め切りは2020年8月9日。レースは7月1日に開始されます。




Cialthon(シャルソン)は、Social Marathon(ソーシャルマラソン)の略。参加者や地域の人との社会的なつながりやコミュニケーションを重視した新しいタイプのマラソン大会です。記録より記憶を大切にしています。このイベントで得た経験を他の参加者と共有することで、走る楽しさをより一層高めていきます。


Cover photo: Katsuyama, Kyonan
(c) Tsubasa Muroi
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